Working Together in a Global Company - Slide Deck

I still remember when I joined the Hotels.com™ (part of Expedia Group™) technology team and how excited I was to start such a new challenge. Since the very early days, I noticed that working in a global company is quite different from working in the same building. That is obvious, I know, but it wasn’t easy to get used to the new way of working.

I missed getting in touch with new teammates, and sometimes felt isolated from others and had the feeling of being a remote worker. Later on, only when I started working from home for 2 days per week, I realized that working in a global team has a lot in common with the remote work.

The story available on Medium tells my journey, from working in the same room with my team to collaborating effectively in a global company. I have always been interested in remote work and I have collected for you my 7 tips that can help those who start working in a global workforce.

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