Francesco Saverio Ferrara

Software Engineer @
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Position • March 2017 → ...

Technology Lead @
Rome Area, Italy

Global worker for, an Expedia Inc. company based in London.

Position • July 2015 → February 2017

Software Dev Engineer II @
Rome Area, Italy

I worked in the mobile application area as a member of the API team which is in charge of the development of back-end services targeted to support the mobile native applications for iOS and Android. We were focused on the implementation of REST web-services, using the Java programming language and other open source technologies such as Jersey, Spring, Maven, Docker, and so on. As an agile team, we were using the Kanban process model.

Position • March 2014 → June 2015

Software Dev Engineer I @
Rome Area, Italy (an Expedia Inc. company) is the Italian leader in online hotel reservations.
The technologies mainly used by the company are Java and Spring, for the building of RESTful backend web services, and Javascript/Node.js for the frontend layer. We rely on several persistence technologies, both SQL and NoSQL (MySQL, Redis, Couchbase, …).
As an agile company, I belong to a development team using the Scrum Framework, where I gained experience in facilitating meetings and in managing a development team.


tags: #android #cordova #hybrid-app #mobile #java

Position • June 2011 → February 2014

Associate Software Dev Engineer @
Rome Area, Italy (an Expedia Inc. company) is the Italian leader in online hotel reservations.
I worked initially of the back-end using the technologies: Spring Framework, Virtual Machine monitoring, SOA architectures, RESTful web services, multithreaded programming, caching policies, advanced logging techniques, Sybase and MySQL RDBMS, spymemcached, Couchbase Document Oriented NoSQL Database.
Then I moved on the development of front-end side, in particular, I worked for the mobile version of the website (responsive). Among the various technologies (JavaScript, Backbone, PHP, RESTful web services, Apache / Nginx, Nodejs) I have gained knowledge on the techniques of user tracking, split testing and multivariate testing.


tags: #php #mysql #java #javascript #node #spring

Project • May 2011 → May 2011

SL AfterSale

tags: #html #css #mysql #php #wordpress #wordpress-plugin

Project • May 2011

tags: #html #css #mysql wordpress #joomla! #php

Position • March 2011 → May 2011

Web Developer @ Advanced Systems
Naples Area, Italy

Web application developing, with Java EE, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), SmartGwt, JPA and MySQL.


tags: #java #java-ee #gwt #smart-gwt #jpa #mysql

Position • March 2008 → September 2008

Consultant @ Open Reply
Milan Area, Italy

Web application developing, with Java and Framework JBoss Seam on a RedHat Linux cluster; High-reliability PostgreSQL cluster (RedHat Linux). Maintenance of web applications written in Python/Zope.


tags: #cluster #java #jboss #jboss-seam #postgresql #python #redhat #zope

Position • January 2008 → March 2008

System Administrator @ Meetweb
Naples Area, Italy

Installation and maintenance of Windows Server 2003 systems.

Position • June 2007 → February 2008

System Administrator @ Agorà Med
Naples Area, Italy

Installation and maintenance of mixed systems (Windows 2003, Debian Linux); Managing the mail system with qmail, postfix, and courier; Managing Linux Sophos anti-spam system; Installation and maintenance of a VoIP-based PBX TrixBox/Asterisk; Streaming on Windows.

Education • May 2006 → March 2011

Master’s degree @ UniNa ‘Federico II’
Computer Science
Naples Area, Italy

Software Engineering I and II; Logic; Artificial Intelligence; Databases and Information Systems II; Computability and Complexity; Security and privacy; Information Retrieval; Web technologies; Mind and Machines; Operational Research and Combinatorial Optimization.


Thesis work in Databases and Information Systems:

tags: #dbms #object-oriented #uml #java #c++ #xml #xquery #xpath #xsl #css #lisp #prolog

Education • September 2002 → May 2006

Bachelor’s degree @ UniNa ‘Federico II’
Computer Science
Naples Area, Italy

Calculus I; Programming; Algebra; Computer Architecture; Geometry; Numerical Calculation; Scientific Computing; Programming Languages I and II; Algorithms and Data Structures I and II; General Physics I; Operating Systems I and II; Economics and Management; Databases and Information Systems; Computer Networks; Human-Machine Interaction; Probability and Mathematical Statistics.


Thesis work in Operating Systems:

tags: #c #driver #java #swing #lynxos #unix lamp matlab script-shell pascal

Project • September 2000 → July 2001

Goku Script

tags: #irc #mirc #mirc-script

Education • September 1997 → July 2002

High School Diploma @ ITC “Luigi Amabile”
Avellino Area, Italy

Introduction to the activity of an accountant and expert commercial, legal and social context; Software development for the company.